Cara St Louis,Harald Kautz-Vella: Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation

Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation


Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation is a no-excuses conversation about the social engineering of the twentieth century, how it led to our planet being terraformed almost without our knowledge and what we can do about it. It's not as hard as you think. The side effects of global medical experimentation are devastating and fatal unless we act... Morgellon's Syndrome and the use of Sentient OIl, both of which are being understood deeply and handled. Read how.

Buy it now from iTunes, Google Play or the MedHand Store. Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation ebook pdf * The care and keeping of parents, teachers, brothers, and sisters A generation after the events of The Long Earth, mankind has spread across the new worlds opened up by Stepping. Where Joshua and Lobsang once pioneered, now fleets of airships link the stepwise Americas with trade and culture. Mankind is shaping the Long Earth - but in turn the Long Earth is shaping mankind...A new 'America', called Valhalla, is emerging more than a million steps from Datum Earth, with core American values restated in the plentiful environment of the Long Earth - and Valhalla is growing restless under the control of the Datum government...Meanwhile the Long Earth is suffused by the song of the trolls, graceful hive-mind humanoids. But the trolls are beginning to react to humanity's thoughtless exploitation...Joshua, now a married man, is summoned by Lobsang to deal with a gathering multiple crisis that threatens to plunge the Long Earth into a war unlike any mankind has waged before.

Author: Cara St Louis,Harald Kautz-Vella
Number of Pages: 416 pages
Published Date: 20 Nov 2014
Publisher: White Lion Press
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780692247570
Download Link: Click Here


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